I have learned how to take back my health. My pain and inflammation level has gone way down. I feel great. Linda is great to work with , she is very passionate about helping other to get well.
I wanted to take a moment and share my story. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 2006 just after I had my first baby. Doctors told me upon diagnosis to start looking for people who would be willing to give me a kidney and that one day I wouldn’t walk. I suffered with depression and anxiety. I was in and out the hospital for years. I was on high doses of steroids, anti organ rejection meds, chemo infusions and more. (I still almost 😢 cry telling my story). I met Linda Gaal Downey through her daughter and she told me some things to start with. She told me about this group. I was encouraged that we can heal with food. I changed to organic, looked for my triggers and even was inspired to leave a very toxic marriage realizing stress was a major trigger. She helped a lot and she can provide a world of information. I’m on one medication now and I lost 45 pounds. Truth is it starts with you wanting to change and being sick 🤕 of being sick. I hope I can encourage someone like Linda encouraged me.🌸
Despite my best efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly, for years I had been struggling with fatigue, thyroid issues, bloating in my stomach and breasts, and the inability to lose weight.

Discouraged and in need of guidance, I decided to register for Linda Downey’s 8-week Recovery Program. This turned out be a life-changing decision for me! Innovative and well-designed, Linda’s program provides step-by-step instructions, important health information and tutorials, and supportive coaching, all of which proved instrumental in my return to good health.

It was the first time I had focused on creating a healthy biome, detoxing my liver, supporting my adrenals, reducing stress, etc. Within two weeks of starting the program I felt more energetic, had no bloating, and was losing weight.

At the end of the 8 weeks, I felt better than I had in years! I was no longer experiencing any of the symptoms I described above and had lost 17 pounds!

I have incorporated what I learned from Linda into my everyday life and have maintained the healthy balance I achieved with her help. I am so very grateful to Linda for using her vast knowledge to create such an amazing program and, most of all, for her true passion for helping others find healing and wholeness!
When I fist met Linda I was a hot mess, losing weight has always been a struggle for me, especially since injuring myself at work. I was gaining more weight from inactivity, and my energy level was even worse than before. I felt sluggish and fatigued and that bothered me more than anything. I always felt like I needed a nap.

I knew I had to do something for real now more than ever. I didn’t need another diet- I needed a lifestyle change. And finally coming to terms with that within myself and working with Linda has been a game changer for me.

After meeting with Linda the first time, she suggested a new way of eating as a first step to my journey. This was a big change for me since I ate a lot of processed food and take-out, hence the no energy and sluggishness. It meant no sugar, eating healthy fats, and small amounts of protein. Any carbohydrates had to come from green vegetables not the bagel I would eat before work everyday. I looked at her and said “are you crazy girl!” but I immediately started losing weight and continue to do so. By the second week my energy level soared and kept getting better and better. I am down 31lbs and have more to go, but I am doing it the right way and eating healthy and enjoying it. It is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Linda’s style of coaching works for me because I know she is a text or phone call away in between our sessions. She is supportive, non-judgmental and always encouraging. If something isn’t working for me she finds another way to keep me on my journey. With her weekly check-ins I know I have the support to be successful – and I am!

I feel better than I have in a very long time – no more fatigue, sluggishness or naps. It feels good to eat healthy and have the energy to do things I want to do. For me it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change for the rest of my life, which hopefully will be longer now! Thank you Coach, I couldn’t have done this without you!
Working with Linda helped me realize that I could be strong and healthy again. After many years of being a mom of three children and beginning a new career, I began to believe that I was just entering a stage of life where feeling fit was behind me. Working with Linda made me realize I still have many years of wellness in front of me. She helped me understand that I am worthy of the time and focus to make me feel healthy.
Diana has Parkinson's and her neurologist was very surprised at how well she was doing since her last visit because in just 12 weeks, she experienced tremor improvement, an increase in energy less constipation, and rosacea improvement. She also lost 12 lbs and now has better sleep!
Linda has been great to work with! She has answered so many questions for me and taught me so much about looking at the body as a whole and finding the root cause of my symptoms. I have been on this health journey since March 2019. So many unexplained symptoms that led me to test my gut. Turns out I had a parasite and gut imbalance! Now Im trying to get everything rebalanced. She has been a great support to me during this scary time of my life ❤
Kourtney Allen
Before working with Linda Gaal Downey and the Recovery Program I had to crawl, literally up these steps from my man cave to the main part of the house. I was in so much pain and so weak. It was so depressing. I didn't want to live anymore. The stairs to the right are at my job. We had a meeting up there a couple weeks ago. One of my co workers commented on how happy I seemed over a meeting because I JOGGED up the steps without thinking twice about it. That's when I realized how far I had come. Pain free and brain fog free. I cried tears of joy because I could've given into those suicidal thoughts and would have never known that I would be where I am right now. If you think you are going to be stuck in a body that will never be right again I am here to tell you can do this and it does get better. One step at a time is all it takes.
Dawn Nilles
"I'm going to keep celebrating: I have been able to do some deep soul searching lately because I actually have extra energy that ALLOWS me to go beyond survival mode. Before really digging deep into this recovery program, all of the energy I had went into performing basic, functional activities (and even while performing these activities, I could barely make it through). I was cranky, complaining all the time, focused on myself only (because it took that to get myself through each task each day), and isolated from the world because I just didn't have enough energy to listen to/think about others.

BUT, through this program, the energy I have been able to find has allowed me to think about some of those stressors in my life and actually take action! I have been cleaning and organizing the inside AND outside of my house, having conversations with people about issues that I have been holding onto for years, and giving to people. My heart has always been one that wants to reach out and do good for people (and I always used to do RAOK), but I lost that part of myself because....you guessed it...no energy.

I have a long way to go until this lifestyle feels normal and automatic, but I'm finding myself again!!!
Emily Sherman
I have been on this health journey since March 2019. So many unexplained symptoms led me to test my gut. Turns out I had a parasite and gut imbalance! Now I'm trying to get everything balanced. Linda has been great to work with! She has answered so many questions for me and taught me so much about looking at the body as a whole and finding the root cause of my symptoms. She has been a great support to me during this scary time of my life. - Kourtney Allen


Return to health, balance and joy through lifestyle choices; fully supported by partnership and coaching.