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10 Week Recovery Intensive – An Intensive 10 week Group course to give you everything you need to Heal your Body, Restore balance to your Hormones, and begin the process of eliminating symptoms forever.  Strategies for the best Food Choices to restore you bodies Natural Ability to Heal, Overcoming Stress and Its Effect on your body, Supplement Recommendations and Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions highlight this Program for Committed People looking to Reverse and Recover from Chronic Debilitating Health Issues.

Gut Restore Program

Take a month and focus on healing your GI Tract- the main pillar of the immune system. This 4 week program is right out of my 10 Week Healing Course, and gives you everything you need to get your gut feeling and working great again. Signs that you could benefit from a GI cleanse are fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin issues like acne or psoriasis, bloated belly and digestive issues, and the inability to lose weight. You can do this program with or without the recommended supplements, which are always suggested for optimal results but not mandatory to see fantastic improvement, depending upon the health of your body when you start. Contact me for recommended supplements. A great combination to really jump start your health is the Gut Restore and Liver Detox program together, doing GI first followed by the detox. You will feel noticeable better almost right away, and continue on your way to regaining health the more you implement these changes

3 Week Liver Detox

This program naturally detoxes your liver from congestion and sluggish metabolism, allowing your body to powerfully release the toxins that are building up and causing havoc. If you have hormonal imbalances like Estrogen Dominance, Insulin Resistance, Thyroid conditions, chronic headaches or low energy, your liver needs to be supported and detoxed. In fact, 3-4 times per year is a good rule of thumb for detoxing your liver. This program gives you everything you need to do that naturally, and you will always have access to it for the future. Used after the Gut Restore program is a really great way to exponentially improve your health. There are recommended supplements that make a big difference in the outcome of the program, but are not required in order to see improvement. Contact me if you are interested in the support supplements

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