My Muse

My daughter Charlotte has ignited and inspired my natural love of health and wellness. A special needs child who is very medically fragile, Charlotte has spent much of her life in the hospital battling to stay alive. She has overcome 2 open heart surgeries, a kidney transplant and lymphoma in her brain related to the transplant immuno-suppression. Charlotte doesn’t eat with her mouth, walk or talk and needs a cochlear implant to hear. She deals with monthly blood tests and chronic retching that comes on without warning and can last for hours or days. It is watching her and loving her that I’ve gotten to appreciate the amazing machine that is our human body, and her joyful and loving spirit urge me to help others with what I’ve learned.


It took many years of struggle and heartache to realize the impact of stress on my body.  Already in the throws of Autoimmune Conditions well before Charlotte was born, the added fears for her life, the catastrophic medical bills, and the days spent in the hospital living on vending machine food and coffee only made my conditions worse.  I had no time, or interest, to spend taking care of myself.  Soon, I was a fitness trainer who was overweight, exhausted, with blotchy skin and no stamina.  Not a pretty picture.

My final diagnosis of Hashimoto’s in my early 40’s was the final straw. I went back to school, I got the education and then implemented it for my own health.

Finally, in my 50’s, I have returned to health. I am symptom free, off of medications, and enjoy more energy and vitality than I’ve had in many years.

I want that for YOU, too!

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