My Mission

“The Possibility of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well-being for Every Person ” 


25 years ago I took a seminar where I envisioned the future I wanted to create. I was already an Aerobics Instructor and Director at a Health Club and a private Personal Trainer, which was then still a young industry. The future I created due to my passion for fitness was “The Possibility of Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being for Everyone”.   (Pretty Cool, right?)


As life went on and I faced my own health challenges along with the medical hurdles of my daughter Charlotte, that vision got somewhat pushed to the back of my consciousness. I was thankful for the periods of time that Charlotte and I both felt well, and that didn’t often happen at the same time. I assumed being exhausted from lack of sleep and worry was par for the course when you have a child in the hospital. I didn’t know my thyroid was being put through the ringer and causing most of the issues I felt. Finally, stability has returned to my health journey, and the future I created so long ago is now my present, with a little tweaking that comes with age, and hopefully wisdom.

Now I am:

“The Possibility of Physical, Mental and Spiritual Well- being for Every Person ”    and that is the mission for my business.

Assisting people with the best knowledge, tools and support that I have gathered as a Functional Integrative Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner and Special Needs Mom is my passion. I’m so excited to share it with you now and start working together.

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