About Me


As I look back over my life, I can see that all of it has been a journey to get me exactly to this place of coaching people to their best health. It’s been my Organic Health Journey. Ulcerative Colitis in my early 20’s led to IBS and chronic discomfort with bloating after eating. Lyme’s Disease plagued my early 30’s treated with massive antibiotics while I worked full time, went to graduate school at night and trained for a marathon and some short triathlons. Not surprisingly, my mid 30’s dealt with Grave’s Disease, and then Hashimoto’s Disease in my 40’s. Were these various health issues-separated by years and circumstances- actually related to each other?

You Betcha!

Did my digestive issues 30 years ago impact my Thyroid to the point of dysfunction now?


Was my self image as a personal trainer who struggled with weight and energy greatly diminished at times, even when my clients felt supported in their own fitness endeavors?

You Can Only Imagine!

Now in my 50’s I’m so happy and thankful to change this course of autoimmune disease, fatigue and weight gain to one of health and vitality.

Using Functional Medicine to truly heal the Root Causes of my health issues, I have been able to learn everything I needed to heal and be healthy once again. In turn, I’ve been able to work with many others to do the same. Dietary changes, a new approach to stressful situations, and a healthy respect of rest and restoration all contribute to living life as the glorious journey it is meant to be, instead of a roller coaster of fatigue, weight gain, stress and anxiety.

If you think, as I did, “How did I get here?”- Let me journey with you. Together we can see how the stops along the way of your life have gotten you to this point. Together we will figure out a way to change course once and for all to attain vitality and a body performing at its best.

Together, let’s get you well on your way to your own Organic Health Journey- To Schedule a Free Call Now, Click Here