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Overwhelmed by confusing diets?   Fatigued by stress and lack of sleep?  Want to feel great in your body?

There are a few ways we can work together, depending on where you are and how you want to proceed.

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• 12 Week in Depth Recovery Program

This is a small group program for people truly committed to recovering their health.  The focus is on Fatigue, Thyroid and Autoimmune Recovery specifically. We do an in depth, deep dive into the foods and lifestyle choices that are greatly impacting your body, and we define the right strategies and tools for YOU. Each week consists of a new module of education, homework for you to implement changes in your life, recipes to support your body and many more resources. With the 2 of us working together, you will be amazed at how you feel in just a few days, let alone 12 weeks.

• 1-1 Coaching

We meet, face to face or by phone, 1x every 2 weeks to work on your most pressing lifestyle and health goals. This is a more client driven, independent approach to achieve better wellness.

• 12 Week Recovery Self Guided Package

The DFY package outlines all of the basic steps to support you on your journey, without the regular coaching support. If you are highly motivated and just need the info, this could work for you.

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