Activate the Parasympathetic System

The best place for your body to spend the most time is under the guidance of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This is where healing occurs, weight loss, Immune system balance and activation to combat viruses, infections and cancer. This is when problem solving can happen, creativity, and a life experience of joy, love and abundance. So, to activate your Parasympathetic System as much as you can everyday, here are some action steps.

  1. Change your physiology- Burst exercise. Do 30 seconds of intense movement at least 4 times per day, 8 is better. ( That’s only 4 minutes total , people!) You can alternate upper and lower body each time, choosing things like air squats, running up stairs, step backs, wall push ups or swimming arms.
  2. Deep Belly Breathing. – Again 4-8 times per day for 30 seconds, or 5-10 cycles, practice deep belly breathing. REMEMBER to emphasize the exhale by fully release as much as you can. The pattern is 4 ct. inhale (feel your belly EXPAND), HOLD for 4 cts., exhale for 4 cts., (pull your belly in as you fully push out all of the air)
  3. In your mind, recite some things/people you are grateful on the inhale, and choose something to let go of on the exhale