Diagnostic Labs most commonly used to identify specific opportunities for improvement and recovery:

GUT MICROBIOME TESTING– Improving the terrain of your Microbiome, eradicating pathogens and improving good bacteria are key to recovering your health. An in home test to identify where you need to go to work to repair gut lining, reduce inflammation and address dysbiosis (imbalances in good/bad bacteria) so you can start to support the rest of your body with a healthy foundation.

FOOD SENSITIVITIES ZOOMERS– A comprehensive food sensitivity test to determine at the protein/peptide level the foods that are driving intestinal and systemic inflammation and flagging your struggling immune system.

SIBO– Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth- An uncomfortable and damaging situation where the bacteria from your colon starts to grow upwards into the small intestine. To determine if a true SIBO situation exists, requiring focused treatment (after the other gut issues are addressed), a SIBO breath test is the best tool for identifying how to proceed.

DUTCH- Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones- A great tool for understanding the hormonal imbalances that exist and how to support the body further once the foundation is addressed.

NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES– Often times nutrient deficiencies develop due to chronic damage of the gut lining, or disrupted metabolic pathways from infections, chronic stress or poor diet. It’s important to fix those issues first, and then determine where support for vital nutrient uptake is still needed.

MYCOTOXINS AND VIRUSES– Mold, Ebstein Barr and Lyme Disease can play a big part in chronic health. Labs are available to determine if these issues are a part of your picture.

ORGANIC ACIDS TEST– A Metabolic Analysis Profile that is a nutrition test to measure micronutrient deficiencies.

GENETIC TESTS– Used to determine various gene mutations, such as MTHFR, that may require specific attention to optimize function.

Together, let’s get you well on your way to your own Organic Health Journey

Together, let’s get you well on your way to your own Organic Health Journey